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80% of Small Business Owners are turned down for a Business loan every time they apply at their bank or credit union.

Dave and Zac started LendingWISE, LLC with the Mission of helping Small Business Owner's gain access to capital. We brought Lendio Greater Knoxville to East Tennessee. When you work with small businesses you learn that the one thing a Business Owner doesn't have is time. With the Lendio marketplace, we are able to give them access to over 75 different lenders providing, Speed, Trust, and Options with a single application.

However, even with the largest marketplace in the US, Business Loans are still difficult to get approved for. Business Owners need more support. They need to become Bankable. To continue the pursuit of our Mission, we have expanded our services to include Becoming Bankable, Small Business Loans, and Tax Incentives.

Office: Knoxville, TN

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