Tax Incentives

19 out of 20 small and medium businesses that are eligible for tax incentives,

such as the R&D tax credit, are not claiming the benefits

that they are fully entitled.

There are more than 1100 Tax Credits, Rebates and Incentives available to Small & Medium Businesses.

You May Qualify for Tax Incentives if you...

Hire Employees or

Train Employees

Offer Health Benefits

Made Improvements to Processes or Procedures

Updated your Website or Implemented Social Media

What are Tax Credits?

When it comes to tax day, many big American corporations have a powerful message:

We'll pass. Of the Fortune 500 companies that have already filed their 2018 taxes, 60 were profitable and yet avoided all federal income tax, according to an ITEP analysis. The total U.S. income of the 60-which ITEP reports included such names as Amazon, Chevron, General Motors, Delta, Halliburton, and IBM-was more than $79 billion and the effective tax rate was -5%. On average, they got tax refunds.

LendingWISE, LLC is a resource for nearly 1,100 Rebates and Incentive Programs.

We are bringing the best practices of Fortune 500 Companies to the small business owner. This program was founded on the premise that EVERY business owner should take advantage of every incentive program that they are legally entitled to claim.

This is another way that we help Small Businesses gain access to Capital.

How do you Qualify?

Step 1

Fill out a Questionnaire

Step 2

Supply the Documents

Step 3

Reap the Benefits

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